domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

"It cost me an arm and a leg"

When something is really expensive, we say that it costs an arm and a leg. In Spanish another part of the body is used to mean the same.Which one?

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Lola Merino dijo...

We say an eye on your face (un ojo de la cara) or even we say a kidney (riñón), don't we?
Miss finally my american boy wrote me! What's more, they were two! But one of them didn't write me more because only add to me on facebook. Thanks!!

Señorita Diana dijo...

That´s is correct, Lola: We say both: an eye and a kidney as well.
I´m glad that he has written TO you at last. Has he added you as a contact in Facebook and in spite of that he has not talked to you anymore?
You are welcome.

Lola Merino dijo...

No, he hasn't. He only talked to me one day because i started talking! But the other boy can't speak Spanish, so we speak in English and it's going very well!