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My students´ rooms

Estamos aplicando en clase de inglés nuestros conocimientos a la descripción de estancias. Algunos alumnos me han enviado fotografías de sus habitaciones, que me han dado permiso para publicar, junto con las imágenes de sus cuartos. Les agradezco que compartan las imágenes y los textos, que nos ayudarán a repasar y aprender vocabulario nuevo.

Good afternoon, Miss Diana:

I'm going to describe my room. I think it's 'very mine', because it has a Spanish flag in front of my bed. Over there there are images of Alberto López Simón, my
favourite bull fighter bullfighter . In my bedroom there are three beds, one for my sister, one for me and another from for my friends (it's behind my bed). There are two tables too, one destined for my things and books, next to my bed, and the second one between the flag and Fernanda's bed,  works like a desk, which my sister uses to study. The curtains are blue, cause my mum thinks it's more confortable with this colour. My mother put a clock in front of my sister's bed because she always arrives late, definitely,  unlike me.I hope you like it.

Bye bye, Mercedes.

MY BEDROOM (by Cecilia).
This is the bedroom where I sleep everyday. In my bedroom there aren't so many things because I only use it to sleep or to dress me up; I have another room where I study and it is full of notebooks, pencils, the printer...
My bedroom is painted  a light color, with pink walls and white ceiling. When you enter  the room, the first thing that you see is the picture where two angels are kissing each other. As you can see, I have a lot of pictures with positive quotes  on the wall, because I love waking up with good vibes. In front of my bed, there is such a big mirror and next to the mirror there are three paintings which my friend painted for me. I also have a bedside table where I put  the lamp, a jar with flowers and my book.

My room is glitterpink. There are two pictures in front of the door and beside them there are other three pictures. There is also a dressing table next to the bed. The bed is in the middle of the room and on the other side there is a bedside table. In front there is a closet made of wood. Next to the door there is a chest of drawers with a TV on top.

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